Many activities arre possible, both sporting and cultural.

Lovers of walking or mountain bikes will enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Visit the Gorges d'Héric, walk the tracks bordered of rosemary, thyme and broom. The Orb valley is very pleasant.

This area has an incredible amount of wild flowers (at their best in may-June). Some are edible ; wild salads and some mushrooms, but take advise before eating anything!

In Bédarieux, one may listen to a concert of one of the three church organs, visit the contempary art museum, see a film at the Star Cinema, or drink a glass of wine in the sunshine.

On Monday mornings it is the local market, full of interesting things to buy. Saturday mornings have a pleasant of organic products

Going northward on a beautiful road which follows high above the Orb, one comes to Avène, a small thermal town, with water that is good for the skin problems. Near there is the Buddist Temple (visit on Sundays only), Lerab Ling, at the border with l'Aveyron. Also a beautiful road! At Lodève, The Savonnerie is an annexe of The Savonnerie in Paris, dating from Henri IV. It was created in Lodève in 1966 and the carpets made there go to the national furniture collection (Mobilier National).

Not to be missed in Lodève, just by the cathedral, is the superb war memorial for the 1914-18 war, by Paul Darde, of a group of women and children, mourning a dead soldier. They are wearing 1920th fashions.

More at the east, Salagou lake, with the orange-red ruffe soil, is used for swimming, canoes and pedalos. This was a valley, flooded in 1969. The local ruffe soil hides dinosaurs' foorprints. There were some excellent ones, but some people have destroyed many of the best…

Nearby is the village of Mourèze in its chaos of dolomitic rocks. Also Clermont l'Hérault, the wine of Montpeyroux which is famous, the medieval village and abbey of St Guilhem le Désert is very worth a visit.

To the west, the road to Lamalou leads us to Olargues, classed amongs the most beautiful villages of France, where chestnuts are a tradition, and further south the valley of the Orb goes down to the sea and Valras Plage, passing villages like Vieussan and Roquebrun (Mediterranean garden) which are worth a visit too.
From near here, one may walk up the tall, narrow Gorges d'Héric. There one can swim in cold rocky pools or just climb around the rock.

Mount Caroux local mountain, overlooks the coastal plain, with an observation table. It's quite and easy walk up the back of the mountain and it's flat top, at 1091 altitude.
To the south-east is Pézenas, town of Bobby Lapointe and Molière. The market on Saturday and a very interesting old town with some beautiful houses hidden away in the center.

The Mediterranean coast has good beaches including Valras and Vias, the old towns of Agde, Sète and Marseillan, typically Mediterranean with clear water, sand and are all within just over an hour of Le Bousquet de la Balme.

A stop in the port of Sète or Méze to taste the famous oysters from l'Etang de Thau, or other sea creatures and fish.

The wine, the good meals, the fête days are all in the southern corner, and the best idea is to visit them for yourselves!