The house

La Maison du Cadran (Sundial House) is an old farmhouse built during the 18th century for its most recent part. Up to the 40s it was still in intense activity. Goat and ewe husbandry, homemade Roquefort cheese, refined afterwoods in the famous roquefort cellars, viticulture (it remains the cellar and the wine barrel).

The farm has been renovated through the ages by the different owners, each one left his own print but always in the respect of the original house.

It was natural therefore for us, to go ahead with renovation with always in mind the respect of the uncomparable cachet of this house. Nowadays the house has been refurbish with double-glass windows, wooden-grain isolation in the walls, and in the kitchen a wood-burning stove using both to heat the kitchen and cook some wonderful meals. Walls has been painted with a special paint respectul of environement for your health.


There are 2 gardens each of them for a different activity.
The big terrace where meals can be served, surrounded by tens of differents rosebushes, jasmin and full other beautiful flowers. You can lay on longchair admiring the wisteria growing.






In front of the main entry of the house, there is the vegetable garden and a playground behind shadowed or under sun depending the hour of the day.

The farmhouse is located at Le Bousquet de la Balme, charming little village in the county of La Tour sur Orb which holds about 11 littles villages, surrounded by numerous trails, runs, different colour stones and land, and more important than anything a so peaceful place. At only 5km, Bédarieux, small town where you can find nearly everything you need including a rail station.

The sitting room has a corner for relaxing, with games and documents about the area and places to visit.


The dining room : for breakfast and suppers by the fire during the cold weather, but often served outside on the terrace.



We respect your choice…